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Community User Posted on 10:05pm 22-Feb-2021

What is e-mandate?

Erroneously I approved e-mandate for my shares? please guide me


Community User Posted on 11:54am 22-Feb-2021

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ICICIdirect Executive Posted on 09:06am 22-Feb-2021

FAQs on i-Track

We are glad to inform you that now you have greater Derivatives Data at your fingertips with the launch of our newest feature: i-Track!

i-Track is a revolutionary feature which is customized to your Open Positions and provides rich insights through various data points. Here, we have collated the top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)’s about i-Track to clear off any doubts you may be having:


1. What is i-Track?

i-Track is a new feature which provides detailed data about your Open Positions in FNO.

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2. Where can I find i-Track? How can I access this new feature?

i-Track can be found under the tab 'Open Positions' of the FNO Segment. After opening this tab, simply click on the '+' symbol next to the contract which has an open position. It shall look like this: FUT-ACC-26-NOV-2020 [+]. Upon clicking '+' a drop down menu shall showcase i-Track.


3. What are the main features of i-Track?

i-Track has several tracking features which help in assessing Open Positions data for Derivatives customers. They are: Live Streaming with advanced charts, Payoff Analyser, Moving Average, Implied Volatility, Greek Values, Open Interest and Put Call Ratio.


4. How do all these features help me?

i-Track helps derivatives customer to have real-time data on their open positions and also makes use of various tools to analyse their open positions and thus take quick decisions.


5. What is Live Streaming with Advanced Charts?


Live Streaming charts give live update on the contract along with the ability to place orders directly. You can also analyse your position with 100+ tools such as RSI, Bollinger Bands etc.


6. What is Payoff Analyser?

Payoff Analyser provides the estimated payoff for any contract which you are holding for that day and also for the day of expiry. This helps in analysing what is the estimated P&L for a position and take appropriate decisions.


7. What is Moving Average?

This feature provides constantly updated average price of the contract which is currently being held to smooth out any price fluctuations. The average can be taken over different time periods like 5, 20, 50, 200 days.


8. What is Implied Volatility ?

Implied Volatility measures the expected volatility of a contract till its expiry. Implied Volatility depends on the supply/demand of the underlying and the market expectation of the price which influences the premium. With i-Track you can directly measure your open positions' Implied Volatility and thus premium levels.


9. What is Greek Values/Options Greeks?

Option Greeks measure various factors that influence the premium of an Option Contract. They are:
a) Delta: Measures rate of change of Options premium based on the change in the price of the underlying stock or index
b) Gamma: Measures rate of change of Delta
c) Vega: Measures rate of change of premium based on change in volatility
d) Theta: Measures change in premium based on time left for expiry
e) Rho: Measures change in options premium basis change in Interest Rates


10. What is Open Interest (OI)?

Open Interest measures the number of Open Contracts which are there in the Market. This measures the level of activity for the contract held by you and help assess if the contract is being actively bought or sold.


11. What is Put Call Ratio (PCR)?

Put Call Ratio is used to analyse the sentiment/mood of the market. With PCR Ratio, you can check if the sentiment for the contract held by you is bearish or bullish.


Note: To view iTrack click on the '+' sign against your open position.


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ICICIdirect Executive Posted on 10:19am 19-Feb-2021

Activate your F&O segment

Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you that as per the SEBI guidelines issued in 2009, documentary evidence of financial details is mandatory in case if you wish to trade in Derivatives / Currency Derivatives segment and you need to submit a self-attested document to us in this regard.

Any of the following document will be treated as financial document for F&O activation.

  • • Latest form 16
  • • Salary slip not older than 3 months.
  • • Latest annual account details (Balance sheet and Profit & loss account)
  • • Latest IT Return acknowledgement
  • • Latest Net- worth certificate
  • • Latest half yearly bank statement
  • • Copy of demat account holding statement

You need to send your document to helpdesk@icicidirect.com.


  • • Only the mails from registered email id will be accepted.
  • • Only self-attested document will be accepted.
  • • Your email size including attachments should be within 1 MB
  • • Don't miss to mention the following:

  • Subject Line: F&O Activation
  • Match Account Number

We are happy to help you.


Community User Posted on 03:28pm 18-Feb-2021