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Community User Posted on 02:37pm 18-Jul-2019

How do I get Capital gain statement on ICICI Direct with ISIN numbers

How do I get Capital gains statements for both Equity and MF with ISIN numbers against each script and MF scheme.

  • ICICIdirect Executive Thank you for the query. We would like to inform you that Capital Gain statement for Equity / Mutual Funds with ISIN can be viewed/downloaded by following the steps: Log into your account > Trade & Invest > Portfolio & Statements > Statements & Reports > Capital Gain > Equity/Mutual Funds Capital Gain.

    However, for MF, you will be able to see AMFI Code.

    11:48am 22-Jul-2019

  • ICICIdirect Executive To view the ISIN code for Mutual Fund schemes, visit the below link.

    11:50am 22-Jul-2019