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Community User Posted on 03:03pm 14-Nov-2019

How many future contracts are available in the market at any point of time and how are their prices decided?

In India, we have 3 futures contracts available corresponding to their expiry date at any point of time. They are  near month (1 month expiry), next month (2 months expiry) and far month (3 month expiry). For e.g. on 10th September 2019, the near month, next month and far month contract would be for September 2019, October 2019 and November 2019 respectively, where each contract will have an expiry on last Thursday of respective month.
The price on future contract is discovered on the basis of demand and supply coming from buyers and sellers of such contract.
You can check the price of derivatives contract on ICICIdirect.com under the F&O tab by logging into your account.
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