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Community User Posted on 11:36pm 09-Nov-2020

How to stop SEP in equity?

  • ICICIdirect Executive Thank you for the query. We would like to inform you that you can cancel an On-going SEP request at any time before I-Sec has initiated order placement on the order placement date. You can cancel your SEP request by visiting the SEP request book under the Systematic Equity Plan page of your online trading account. Once you cancel a SEP Request, all future orders to be placed against such SEP Request no. would stand cancelled. Alternatively, you can choose to Pause your SEP request instead of cancelling the same.

    Pause SEP: There is an option to Pause against your on-going SEP requests under Existing SEP and SEP Request Book. This option to Pause will help you to temporarily stop the future SEP order triggers against such paused SEP request without having to cancel your SEP Request. You can pause the SEP request by choosing an end date and it will be paused till the end date chosen. SEP installments will not be triggered by I-sec until the pause End date. Please note, If SEP request is paused, then you are not allowed to set Step Up/Modify/Auto renew for such paused requests.

    01:26pm 10-Nov-2020