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Community User Posted on 10:37pm 07-Sep-2020

Is learning Technical Analysis a prerequisite for evolving as a investor/trader with the equity business flow of the market

  • Community User 8th wonder of the world

    We all have heard about the 7 wonders of the world.

    Equity Technical analysis is the 8th wonder of the world.

    It is the science which follows a systematic process and rewards you.

    Once you learn this and master it, you can surely hit half centuries and centuries in short period of time.

    Technical Analysis is the machine which inputs money and converts into value added surplus money in your bank account.

    By viewing the technical charts, you smell profits before profits gets credited in the bank account.

    It is said that 10% of the people in equity market earns 90% of the income from equity market.

    Obviously, these people are adept in equity technical analysis.

    Technical Analysis gives you the power, edge and confidence to be financial independence all along your life and you can shop everything in the world by financing through equity market ( Not Bank Loan) be it Mobile Phone, EMI of the car, EMI of the house and other sundries expenses.

    You can buy and analyse global equities through technical analysis as technical charts remain the same world wide just the stock name changes.

    So what you are waiting for - Mr. Technical Analysis is waiting for you to board on it and enjoy the 8th wonder of the world.

    Are you ready ?

    10:38pm 07-Sep-2020

  • Community User Technical and fundamental analysis are definitely good tools for investing in equity but not needed. All this has come in recent times after the advent of Internet and data. How do you think people invested in the 80 s. Now it is more transparent. You should know these things but not critical.

    11:10am 08-Sep-2020