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ICICIdirect Research Posted on 06:41pm 17-Sep-2020

Is the global supply chain shifting? How can India benefit?

Covid-19 outbreak has upset the order of global trade. China, from where the Covid-19 originated, is also the global export hub contributing ~13% of world exports. China’s top exports include electrical equipment, machinery including computers, plastic articles etc. Dependency on China in terms of raw materials and assembly of final product disrupted manufacturing processes. Recently, several tech giants announced the shifting of their manufacturing plants from China to other countries. As for India, its share of global exports is ~2%. In order to boost local manufacturing, the Indian government has announced the Production linked incentives scheme. 

Do you think the global supply chain will shift towards other emerging economies? If so, how can India capitalise on this opportunity? Also, does India have the necessary ecosystem in place?

Share your thoughts with fellow traders and investors.

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