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Community User Posted on 11:00am 20-Mar-2017

Life insurance and education policy.

Sir, what is the minimum life cover insurance required? I have made it through Zurich Futura plan. How is the performance of Zurich? Also, I have taken Zurich Vista for child education. How do you find it?

  • Community User Let us understand the difference between insurance and investment. Generally the return on life insurance policy are between 4-7%, but it covers the risk. Do life insurance of about 4-5 times of annual income.

    06:09pm 22-Mar-2017

  • Community User Why concentrate on single insurance company. You see, a huge claim on these small new private insurance companies may render them illiquid where as all PSU Insurance companies like SBI Life or LIC of India have tided over many crises like South eastern coast Tsunami, Maharashtra Earth quake etc., Distribute your policies for different individuals in the family on different Insurance Companies....

    05:54am 02-Apr-2017