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Community User Posted on 06:11am 04-Jun-2019

NRI Tax related question...

Hi community members, in the year 2018, I moved abroad for higher education and for the F.Y 2018-19, I have earned income in India and abroad. The money that I have earned abroad hasn't been transferred to India. So for the purpose of tax calculation in India for this F.Y, under salary income, will it be considered a) Earned only in India b) Earned in both India and abroad Please note that I have to file tax return in India and Abroad. I don't want to pay double tax. Kindly help. Thanks

  • ICICIdirect Executive Thank you for the query. We request you to consult your tax consultant/advisor.

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    03:41pm 04-Jun-2019

  • Community User Their is Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement in place with few countries wherein you do not have to pay tax in India on foreign income earned i.e. If India has signed DDTA with say USA and you earn income in both the countries in a financial year and you pay tax on foreign income to foreign government, then the amount earned through foreign income is exempted while you file income tax in India provided you have paid tax on the foreign income to the foreign government.

    If DDTA is not signed among the Government of India and Government of the country you are residing now, then you have to pay tax as per the law in that country and even in India on the income earned in foreign country.

    Please check with the CA.

    03:59pm 04-Jun-2019