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Community User Posted on 09:12am 16-Jun-2022

Pledging equity shares

I want to pledge equity shares and obtain margin money for trading in F&O. I want to know the following: a) What are the various charges for pledging. Please mention one time fee and recurring fees/interest if any b) Normal time it takes to pledge and unpledge c) Anything else, I need to be aware off

  • ICICIdirect Executive Thank you for the query. With regards to your query,
    For F&O and Equity positions, margin can be given by Specified securities (by way of pledging securities allocated from your demat account in favour of I-Sec).
    The limit granted is a sum of Cash & Specified securities and the margin is blocked on the individual positions on the overall basis and not in any proportion of Cash & Specified securities
    Though securities limit is granted for exposure to F&O and Equity positions, actual payment is required for settlement dues arising from mark-to-market losses on futures positions, premium payments for options bought, square off losses on futures,options and equity positions and brokerage applicable on the transactions.
    For more details and charges related to pledging process, please click on the link below:

    06:50pm 30-Jun-2022