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ICICIdirect Executive Posted on 10:43am 28-Sep-2020

IPO of UTI Asset Management Company Limited opens on September 29, 2020

Path to apply: Login to ICICI Direct account > IPO > UTI AMC Limited. Click on the title to know more...
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ICICIdirect Posted on 06:35pm 18-Sep-2020

How can an investor check the allotment status of an IPO?

The investor can check the allotments status of an IPO once the allotment process is completed. The investor can either check it on the Website of BSE or on the website of the Registrar appointed for the issue.

Option 1

Click here to go the website of BSE >>Enter your application Number >> Enter your PAN Number >>Click on Search button

Option 2

The investor can also check the allotment status on the Website of the Registrar appointed for the issue.

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Link Intime India

It can be done in 3 ways through the website of the Registrar:
  1. Using the Application Number Option
  2. Using DP ID/Client Number option
  3. Using PAN Number option

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ICICIdirect Executive Posted on 05:25pm 18-Sep-2020

CAMS IPO details, price band, lot size, shareholding pattern, objects of issue...

Computer Age Management Services Limited (CAMS) is a technology-driven financial infrastructure and services provider to mutual funds and other financial institutions with over two decades of experience. It is India's largest registrar and transfer agent of mutual funds with an aggregate market share of approximately 70% based on mutual fund average assets under management (AAUM) managed by its clients and serviced by it during July 2020, according to the CRISIL Report. It provides technology-based services such as dividend processing, transaction origination interface, settlement and reconciliation, compliance-related services etc. Click on the title to read more...
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ICICIdirect Posted on 10:18am 13-Jul-2020

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Bharat Bond Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) own public sector bonds!

Invest in Bharat Bond ETF: A tax-efficient option that provides safety of investing in Public Sector AAA-rated Bonds... Click on the title for more details...
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ICICIdirect Research Posted on 05:15pm 04-May-2020

Sector Update - Auto: Bullishness sharpens on rural-focused domestic OEMs...

In our auto sector update on March 27, we had presented our views in light of the imposition of nationwide lockdown and its effects on production, sales and consequent financials of our coverage universe companies. With the blanket nationwide lockdown ending on May 3, the focus shifts to ‘red zones’ for even more stringent implementation of lockdown measures for virus containment whereas ‘green zones’ and ‘orange zones’ across the country are expected to gradually limp back to normalcy over time. Most red zones are centred around urban areas, raising the possibility of rural India staging a relatively quicker revival... Click on the title to read more...