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Community User Posted on 11:37am 01-Nov-2020

What happened to ITC? Is it still good to INVEST therein???

  • ICICIdirect Research Fundamental view on ITC: Our research analysts have a BUY rating on the stock with a target price of Rs. 250 from a 12 months perspective.

    The 75% of FMCG business products (ex-stationary) consists of staples, packaged foods, hygiene products that witnessed impressive growth of 34%. On the other hand, 25% of products (discretionary categories) like snacks (Bingo), deodorants & juices saw de-growth of 25%. Education & stationary revenue was worst hit with a decline of 65% as education institutions remained closed. FMCG business margins (EBITDA) saw 170 bps improvement to 7.6%. We believe the company’s strong packaged foods portfolio would continue to benefit from increased ‘in-home’ consumption in the medium term. Further, we believe growth in hygiene category would be structural with increase in per capita spends. The expansion of Savlon brand in home & personal hygiene products coupled with its proposition as antiseptic is likely to lead in market share gains. Juices & deodorants are unlikely to impact growth in the next two quarters given peak summer season sales have already been lost. However, education & stationary would continue to suffer until educational institutes reopen. With strong growth in large part of the portfolio, we expect the FMCG business to grow at 13.5% CAGR (FY20-22) with double digit margins by FY22E.

    For more details, you can refer to the below link:

    05:39pm 02-Nov-2020

  • ICICIdirect Research Technical view on ITC: Our research analysts would suggest WAIT for fresh entry in the stock with support placed at 157 levels and immediate resistance placed at 200 levels. If the stock closes above 200 levels, then further upside can be seen towards 250 levels from a medium-term perspective.

    05:40pm 02-Nov-2020

  • Community User Yes ITC is a good long term investment.

    09:50pm 02-Nov-2020

  • Community User I love this stock and hence my view will be biased. There has been a lot of criticism of this company, the last few months. There was one blogger who wrote a paper on ITC and it went viral. The points he raised was valid and even experts from business channel started talking about it. I sent this to the company and to my surprise, I got a reply from the company secretary clarifying few points. ITC has cigaratte as their main contributor. Nowadays everyone acts like [protected] and hence smoking is considered a sin and government use this as a scape goat to keep increasing cess and taxes. The second issue is nowadays there is a concept of ESG going on Environment friendly, social responsibility and governance. This fad is taking over and unfortunately ITC gets hit even in this. I fully agree that there has been value destruction for shareholders in the last few years but this is a MNC and well managed. They are trying to diversify into consumables and hotels. Nearly 50% of the revenue is through this.
    Hence in my view, this a beaten down stock at the current value and great time for new investors and for existing shareholders to average. Their dividends payment is also handsome. The only thing you need if you invest in this company is have patience. If you do not have patience, do not invest in this company. One day I fully believe this company will be like HUL. Cash cow company and strong balance sheet and well managed.
    All these criticism would have woken up the management and I am sure they are now aware that they cannot sleep talk in meetings. I repeat i love this stock and wont sell it - but you guys do research and then buy.

    11:52am 03-Nov-2020